Roto Moulded Pallet

Roto Moulded Pallet

Our pallets are used in many industries like Textile, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering components, etc. Pallets are available in varying sizes, capacity and features. Plastic pallets are replacing wood at an ever increasing rate in the manufacturing and distribution environment. Companies realize that plastic pallets are lightweight, splinter free, recyclable, and extremely durable when compared to wood.


  • Economical
  • Effortless cleaning possible because of smooth surfaces.
  • Excellent stability given by strong legs and supported by PU + steel re-inforcement.
  • Remains sturdy and rust free for years

    We, RC Ventures are one of the leading distributors, and suppliers of various varieties of plastic crates, industrial crates, dairy crates, bottle crates, fishery crates, fabricated crates, fruit crates, vegetable crates roto giant crates, waste bins, injection moulded plastic pallets, waste trolleys, roto waste bin, chill pads and roto moulded pallets.

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