Material Handling

Material Handling

Material Handling Material handling is an integral part of any industrial activity. With growing business, a greater emphasis is laid on productivity, profitability as well as resource conservation and ecological preservation. Material handling plays a very crucial role in sustaining efficiency in financial and human resources.

We offer solutions for various industries ranging from Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Electrical, Logistics, Textiles, Supermarkets, Electronics, Retail, Food & Beverages, Agriculture, Seafood, Hospitality & Catering and other allied business.

Product attributes
High quality manufacture, using

  • Computer Designed moulds
  • Prime raw materials
  • Select colour pigments
  • Performance enhancing additives
  • Tough and long-lasting.
    • Crack, chip and corrosion resistant.
    • Environmental stress and UV resistant.
    • Withstand temperatures from -35 degree celcius to 75 degree celcius.
    • Lightweight and easy to handle.
    • Hygienic and non-toxic. Resist bacterial/ fungal growth.
    • Stackable and nestable.
    • Flat bottom crates for use on roller conveyors.
    • Extremely economical in the long run.
    • Available in a range of pleasing colours


    We, RC Ventures are one of the leading distributors, and suppliers of various varieties of plastic crates, industrial crates, dairy crates, bottle crates, fishery crates, fabricated crates, fruit crates, vegetable crates roto giant crates, waste bins, injection moulded plastic pallets, waste trolleys, roto waste bin, chill pads and roto moulded pallets.

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